Sunday, 2 October 2016

Happy Birthday! I am 10 years old today!

Lately I've been consistently waking my Dad up at 0606hrs.
On the nose.

I feel like that's a greyt time to get out and start my day.
I like to go for walks in the village, come home, nap for a few minutes, wait for my thyroid medication to digest, get up, have breakfast, and then go back to bed. 

Today was a bit different. I am celebrating the big 1 0 !!!

I decided I'd sleep in until 0627hrs.  We went for a short walk (it was chilly and drizzling outside), came back home, went for a short snooze, got up and had my birthday breakfast.   Kibble and a can of sardines!  Best birthday breakfast ever!

I went for another snooze after breakfast.  Later on in the afternoon, I went for a quick out.  When I came back inside, Dad put down the "meat towel" for me.  I went ballistic.  I love the meat towel.  Meat towel means.... BONES!!!!!

Given that over the past year I lost a few teeth (dental cleaning/pulled), I take my time with the bone.  It used to take me about an hour, now i'm at 2.5-3 hours of chomping.

I'm waiting for my supper to be served at the moment.  I had a bit too much birthday (food) cheer, that I won't be getting scrambled eggs with my supper.  Dad works tomorrow, and I still protest going outside with my Nana... Best to be safe than sorry.  Maybe Wednesday?

So my year in review...
I've more than settled in with the cats.  I still favour Dorian over Gideon.

I had a bump on my gum line, just above my upper canine tooth on my right side.  Dad brought me in for a sleepy-time dental, they poked around and a tiny foreign piece of black something came out.  I also had x-rays on the stop to make sure nothing wonky was going on in there.    Clean bill of health, with ONLY a cleaning.  Since this cleaning, Dad has been rather religious with cleaning my teeth after I've eaten.  He's been using a baby facecloth to wipe at my teeth.  No chance for the plaque to build up!

My corns still bother me from time to time.  Sometimes I hobble more than others.  With the cooler weather I love doing zoomies.

Not much else really to write home about.  Life is pretty greyt!

Here are some photos from this year:

January 2016

February 2016


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October 2016 - present day   (10th birthday!)